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Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

The Court Order

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders ("QDRO's") is a federally mandated court order enforced following a dissolution or divorce. Used in the division of the party’s various retirement assets (like 401k’s) and various pension plans, that were accrued during the marriage.


These Orders do more than just divide up the retirement assets. QDRO's allocate the potential tax impact at the time of division or thereafter between the parties so neither pays an unfair share of such taxes.

Our Experience

Processing the transfer of retirement assets following a QDRO order require the assistance of an experienced financial advisor. The process is complicated, time-sensitive and often comes with many hidden taxation pitfalls to navigate. We handle the entire transfer process – from start to finish. The complete transfer can take as little as two weeks, or sometimes four weeks and more.


We've assisted many clients of various accountants, estate planners and family law professionals throughout the bay area and central valley. Using our unique process, system and experience in asset transfers, we usually complete the transaction in less than one month.

The Process

● Meet with us for a 30-minute, No cost or obligation consultation.


● If interested in our services, we then devise a plan to moving your court-ordered share of the retirement assets into another qualified retirement account, investment or another product suitable to your retirement and financial goals.


● Upon agreement, we complete some documentation and begin the asset transfer.


We are QDRO Transfer Specialists 

Serving you fiducially – with objectivity, integrity, respect, and truthfulness. If you have a court order from the courts and need assistance, click below to schedule your Free 30-minute, no obligation consultation to discuss how our services can be of value to you.

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